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as long as i live: an original fiction mix

track one: lost in the woods
lullaby – loreena mckennit

oh, for a voice like thunder, and a tongue
to drown the throat of war! - When the senses
are shaken, and the soul driven to madness,
who can stand?

track two: the wrong kind of deal
dance with the devil – breaking benjamin

trembling, crawling across my skin.
feeling your cold dead eyes,
stealing the life of mine.

“Here’s the deal, sweetheart,” Celeste grins. “I healed your friend for you. In return, you’re going to gather some information for me.”
“About what the King and his family are really up to.”
Katelyn gasped. “There’s no way—“
“You’ll find one,” Celeste said, eyes narrowing. “Or I’m going to destroy everything that you love, and have a hell of a time doing it.”

track three: you look like you could use some help
the promise – new found glory

when you're in doubt,
and when you're in danger,
take a look all around,
and I'll be there.

Finn grinned wolfishly. “Trust me; you look like you need all the help that you can get.”

track four: full moon rising – first attack
chambermaid – emilie autumn

show your face
don't hide
take off the mask now
underneath is a deep dark secret

“A werewolf,” she said, hands shaking as she took slow steps backwards. “I’ve been walking around all this time with a fucking werewolf.
Somewhere behind her, Nathaniel is shoving Michael outside, grabbing things in his haste to get away. She is still staring at Finn, who is significantly hairier than she recalls, when Nathaniel grabs her arm, tugging her away.
“We’re gotta get the fuck out of here,” he yells, and then the sickening reality finally hits her, that they’re surrounded by Celeste’s minions and Finn is a werewolf and oh god, they’re going to die.

track five: in sickness and in health
all love can be – charlotte church

i will watch you in the darkness
show your love will see you through
when the bad dreams wake you crying
i'll show you all love can do

“I know you’d rather do this yourself,” she mumbles, wrapping another bandage around his arm, “but I feel like a lot of this is my fault, so stop moving and let me do it.”

track six: second wave of danger
shivers (I’ve got them) – margot and the nuclear so and so’s

i've got some bad news for you
some bad news for you.
i want to gouge out your eyes
splinter your spine

“How’d they find us?” Nathaniel screams, throwing amber fire over his shoulder. Michael trips on a tree root, and he has to stop and help him. Celeste and her new friend Selene are gaining on them, and Finn and Katelyn are still too far back and--
“Just go!” Michael screeches, as the world explodes into black fire.

track seven: imprisonment and freedom
the libertine – patrick wolf

the libertine is locked in jail.
and all our heroes lack any conviction.
they shout through the bars of cliché and addiction.
i’ve got to go, so here I go
i'm gonna run the risk of being free.

Michael shoves himself to his feet. “You say that like it’s my fault we’re in here. You should have run when I told you to!”
“And what? Leave you there?” Nathaniel snaps, ignoring the creak of the door. “I’d rather die than…”
He trails off. The unspoken words hang in the air between them for a split second, before the heavy, metal door comes flying off its hinges, Finn and Katelyn standing in the doorway.

track eight: as long as I live
my guardian angel – the red jumpsuit apparatus

i will never let you fall
i'll stand up with you forever
i'll be there for you through it all
even if saving you sends me to heaven

“So you’re telling me that you’re the heir,” Katelyn says, crossing her arms. “That you’re the reason that Celeste is chasing me in the first place. Letting her chase me because I won’t give her information about where you are, even though I didn’t know that you were you until a few minutes ago.”
Finn winces. “I didn’t want to hide that from you,” he says guiltily. “I just….”

track nine: a traitor among us
furnace room lullaby – neko case

i twisted you under and under to break you
i just couldn't breathe with your throne on my chest

“You slimy little—“
“Language,” Celeste snaps, waving a hand and stopping his curse in its tracks. “Surely one of you would have noticed when he started wandering off by himself all the time. Or are you all so self-absorbed that—“
Nathaniel cuts across her, shoulders shaking. “No. You little…”
Michael laughs, but the smile doesn’t meet his eyes.

track ten: a foolhardy rescue, a sting of remorse
autumn’s monologue – from autumn to ashes

here I'm pinned between darkness and light
bleached and blinded by these nights
where I'm tossing and tortured 'til dawn
by you, visions of you then you're gone.

“I am so, so sorry,” Michael chokes, looking from the limp body of Katelyn to the weapon in Nathaniel’s hands. The sounds of fighting echo down the stairs, and he spins to look, hair hitting him in the eyes. Finn makes a strangled noise behind him.

track eleven: angel’s wings do not a monster make.
frozen -- madonna

now there's no point in placing the blame
and you should know I suffer the same
if I lose you
my heart will be broken
love is a bird, she needs to fly
let all the hurt inside of you die

There’s blood on the floor, and Katelyn’s trying to clean it up while Finn pushes down on Michael’s shoulder, holding him down as he writhes against the pain. His two giant, white wings fill up what’s left of the small space, specks of blood flying off them to splatter against the wall.

track twelve: our plan of attack.
the final fight – rob duncan


“Okay,” she said. “Tomorrow we fight.”

track thirteen: king of men, queen of sky
may it be -- enya

may it be, an evening star,
shines down upon you.
may it be, when darkness falls
your heart will be true

“I don’t know if I can do this,” Finn whispered, eyes turned to the sky. Katelyn walked forward silently, pressing her forehead to his back, wrapping her arms around his stomach.
“You have to,” she said. “You have to at least try."

track fourteen: our final fight
let me be your armor – assemblage 23

let me take the blows
that were meant for you
let me help you with the trials
you're going through

“Move to the left!” Michael screeched, ducking under a sword and striking back with his axe, trying to get closer to Katelyn.
“We’re trying!” She yelled back, almost hitting Nathaniel. Finn was fighting Celeste now, and she could see him take several blows from Selene’s magic, ducking and weaving out of the way.

track fifteen: and final victory
wonder – laura michelle kelly

out of death; life
out of night; day
glory from sorrow
out of grief; joy
out of storm comes strength for tomorrow

Michael’s leaning against Nathaniel’s shoulder, pressing a bandage to his arm. Finn is somewhere behind her, speaking in hushed tones to his family, his sword long-since abandoned on the stones beneath her feet. There’s the warm sun on her back, and although she’s so tired she might actually just fall asleep where she is, he’s happy.

track sixteen: happily ever after
let’s stay together – chiisana inori

even if today is painful
and yesterday's wounds remain
i want to believe that I can free my heart and go on

…After all, they got to live happily ever after.

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